Center construction consultancy is the leading manufacturing unit of the Tradincorp Company. The unit was set up to inherit the capability, experience and the support of the power sector through the inherent relationship. In addition, the unit is also one of the fulcrum to promote the activities of the Company.
The advantage of the unit is expressed through the following points:
- There are strong nancial resources up to 450 billion and the support from company funds.
- Our experts have more experience in the construction sector. Can advise, support for many types of customers and many specic cases;
- Our target is customer focused with the criterion of mutual benet. So our experts are exible, dedicated, enthusi- astic and caring in all our activities;
- Always put the prestigious to the top;
- There are good relation EVN, particularly Ho Chi Minh City Power Company. Customers therefore completely comfortable when we perform electrical services;
- With a reputation, experience and capacity as stated on our customers has been entrusted to carry out large projects and complex.
Promoting the advantages mentioned above, through this article we want to send to all customers is our desire to serve your guests in the work as follows:
1. Engineering consultants: project management investment analysis and plan eective investment survey, estab- lishment of investment projects; establish economic and technical reports; design and supervise construction .
2. Especially we have full service (or EPC contractor):
- Preparing procedures connected to the national grid;
- Survey and design consultancy;
- Provide materials and equipment;
- Construction complete, hand over the power sector (if the client needs)
3. The areas that we project concerns include urban planning, residential, industrial parks, oce buildings, apart- ment buildings, factories factories, and even small retail customers.
Depending on the work and the needs of customers, which we can make prior application, customers can pay later. We believe our customers, will be completely satised with the products and services that we perform
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